If you're an MLM Junkie or MLM Gangbanger looking for a "silver bullet", please exit this site. There is NO "silver bullet" to achieve MLM success.

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If you're allergic to work, what I have to say and how I can help isn't for you.


If you're a dead serious networker who's ready to finally achieve the lifestyle you deserve, read on.

Yes, I understand you've failed…and it hurts.

Yes, I understand you've experienced humiliation with friends and family…me too!

Have you ever seen a grown man cry? It got better…

Like you, I've been in numerous companies and instead of me being "here today and gone to Maui," it was the company that was gone…out of business.

And, I've been abandoned by upline who have said, "I'll help you."

3 types of Networkers will be reading this:

  1. The new person who's green and wants the truth about what they need to do to make it in MLM.
  2. The average networker who's paid their dues, loved it, and never went full-time but desperately need to.
  3. The "heavy hitters" who need refinement of their skills and systems. They have a good check (10K+ per month) and they want to make sure it keeps coming in and grows.

As you look around the industry, you'll see things aren't working like they did in the 90's. I know in a painfully personal way. I had to architect a complete new system of Attraction, Sponsoring, Retention and Leverage to make $103,000 (verifiable) my first year back in MLM. By the way, that business made $118,000 the second year (verifiable).

An overview of the Attract, Sponsor, Retain and Leverage System

ATTRACT -> 24/7 - 365 Days Your Character Silent Posture Multiple Pillars Endless Leads
SPONSOR -> First 1-120 Days Private Understanding New Dist. Training Personal Mentoring Quality Sponsoring
RETAIN -> Continual Nurture Advanced Training Recognition High Retention
LEVERAGE -> Perpetual Personal Development System Development Leadership Development Long-Term Income

Working with www.OptimizedMLMLeads.com, we visit daily with the top echelon of Networkers and hear what's truly working today. It's not what you think! It's not even close!

The Bottom Line: You're busy - I'm busy. That's why I respected your time and didn't write a 10 page "sales letter".

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