What we do:

We work with select mlm professionals and companies to help them attract, sponsor, retain and leverage all the distributors they’ll ever need.

What is Gold Collar Networking?

Building your business daily with a clear personal VISION
Becoming a person of character through intense personal development so you can accomplish your vision
Creating a top-tier leadership team in a true mastermind alliance
Identifying your unique talent and leveraging it via networking
Alignment of your organization’s culture with your company’s culture
Architecting a system for true business development in all areas of your business

1 - Attracting the right prospects to your opportunity through character, silent posture and multiple pillars


2 - Sponsoring them in the proper way with correct initial training


3 - Retaining your downline through nurturing, recognition and training

  4 - Leveraging your organization with personal, system and leadership development for long-term income
Having FUN while you’re on the journey and being energized from your networking
Creating time and money freedom from the use of your intellectual capital
Giving back part of what you’ve made to charities you believe in

Gold Collar Networking is NOT:

Trying to build with methods that worked in the Past decades.
Believing and telling others that full-time, long-term residual money is easily made in MLM
Targeting everybody that breathes within 3 feet of you
Believing everything you hear:
  “these are great leads”
“I checked the company out…they’re great!”
“this is the next giant”
“my upline has a great reputation”
“we have real doctors”
“you’re going to make a lot of money”
“this is the last company I’ll ever work”
Joining a company or upline without the proper due-diligence done on:

Products and/or services
Compensation plan
Distributor agreement
Key officers
Marketing methods
Training systems

Show up and throw up presentations

Short-term runs in fad companies (aren't your getting a little old for that?)

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