Our past and upcoming issues did and will include:

What to do when you hear, “I want to think it over”
How to handle prospects who have no money to get started
The safest move in a networking persuasion conversation
Defining your Value Engine and using it for high probability sponsoring
How to work your business if your part-time
How to leave voice mail messages that get returned
What to do with negative, neutral and positive prospects
Properly nurturing and retaining your organization
Attributes of $100K+ earners in network marketing
Scripting of sizzle calls
Effective copy for print ads
Economic analysis of real-time versus aged leads
Why distributors jump ship – What’s really migrating?
How to do due diligence on the opportunity you’re looking at
Building your own silent posture to increase your sponsoring rate
The quality and relationship meter in prospecting
The genealogy lead decision tree
Designing your 45 second informercial…you need all 3 elements
The dirty little secret big money earners of the past won’t tell you
Who you need to keep in touch with long-term
Landing page secrets
Warm contact approaches combined with silent posture
The realistic investment you’ll need to properly start your business
The only way to break your talking tension with prospects
Sensing your prospects direction during a call and moving them where you want
The key attributes you’re looking for in a sponsor
What’s working and not working in email marketing
How to conversationally recruit with no pressure on yourself
How my upline in “Amxxx” grew to 60,000 by using the “faith period” principle
Overcoming the fear of the phone
What to do when your upline won’t help you
The checklist of core MLM competencies
The little part of your brain whose job it is to guide you to your goals
The one TV show you can watch to instantly become a better Networker
How introverts build HUGE downlines in MLM
Planting your own retention garden and using sunshine, water and fertilizer
The language for prospecting top tier prospects
How to use Javelins to sponsor “heavy hitters” in the future
The one thing your prospects will never deny
7 things massive action gives you
Working genealogy leads smart
Breaking through your prospects “clutter”
Identifying what you’re truly great at in MLM
Leading your group when it’s your time
Positioning your “old” company against “new” companies and vice versa
What to do when you feel like quitting (you’re not alone)

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