If you don’t have the TIME and MONEY you deserve from your networking business, it’s simply because you don’t have a predictable model to Attract, Sponsor, Retain and Leverage distributors.

Let’s not kid ourselves! The glamorous lifestyle you see on company presentations
is available only to those who have a turn-key, seamless, bullet-proof process for getting, keeping and growing an organization.

Our services are for those Networkers who work their business as a business.

We have no services (Ie…ebooks) for "hobby" type income generation.

Architecting of MLM Business Development System (ASRL)     $15,000

Attract, Sponsor, Retain, and Leverage Processes – Co. specific

Deliverables: Predictable higher tier lead flow, quality sponsoring,
higher retention and stable long-term residual income.

Timeline to completion: 45-60 days – Assumes your Co. is not a startup,

Due to scheduling, we usually can begin in 6-8 weeks after engagement.

We will only build this process for individuals or companies we feel are
long-term in the MLM industry and clearly understand their Value Engine.
We will be conducting due diligenceon you, your company, etc.
to determine this. You will not be invoiced for this.

This price does not include media purchases for testing system.

See grid on home page for visual overview.

Review of Current Business Development System                     $4,000

Analysis of company and organizational brochures, training tools, etc.

If done for a specific organization, we need a conference call
with top 2-4 leaders for 2-3 hours.

Includes written review (15-20 pages)

Isolated Attract, Sponsor, Retain, or Leverage Process             Email

Building of single part of ASRL business development system.

Please email us to schedule discussion of your needs. We'll want
to hear how your other processes are working now, etc.

Value Engine Definition for specific company                             $7,500

Your Value Engine is everything your bring to market beyond
your core competencies. Every MLM company has products
and/or services, customer service dept., marketing materials etc.
It's that unique and dynamic combination of your value engine
clearly defined that garners you exponential growth.

If your downline can't defend or articulate your Value Engine,
you won't grow. If they can, you'll have a stable and growing group.

2 days with key distributors and/or company VP of Marketing

Includes ½ day of preparation to review diagnostics, marketing audits.

Includes ½ day of scripting adjustments from field results.

Value Engine Discussion (2 hours)                                              $1,500

Review company value engine in light of MLM marketplace.
Identify strengths, weaknesses and current or future threats.

Be prepared to send samples of company products, marketing
materials, training links and audios, sizzle call #'s, etc.

Please have two six-digit+ earners and two new distributors
available for the call. No written report given.

Accompany Player(s) on "Fly In"                                                $4,000

At the point you decide to do a "fly in" to a MLM corporate offices,
you're usually very "emotional". Getting the red carpet treatment
will take you off your guard.. You've began hinting to your closest
and trusted network that you're looking at something. You're at
your most dangerous point.

We'll be an outside, 3rd party, objective advisor to give you a
green, yellow or red light.

We'll be by your side to ask the questions you don't think of.
These come from an exhaustive list in our due diligence profile.
Extensive training from a former polygraph examiner gives us
an uncanny insight into the responses you'll hear. Price assumes
one full day at corporate offices.

Please provide 3-4 week lead time. Add airfare to the above price.

Jump Start of Niche Targeting                                                     $10,000

Specific targeting of ethnic or demographic groups with
attraction process used as a magnet.

Niches successful in industry now include Moms, African Americans,
Chiropractors, Gen X, etc.

Scripting of responses to inbound calls & positioning of Value Engine.

Doesn’t include creative work, media purchases and web
development (to be determined).

This is probably the most fertile, untapped ground in MLM today.

Due Diligence on Specific Company                                             $5,000

Investigation includes co’s history, background, pending or
past lawsuits, compensation plan, key leaders, etc.

We will also review "Vaue Engine" in light of today's chaotic
and cluttered MLM environment.

Turn around time: 2-3 weeks

Landing Page Design and Copy Writing

Includes discussion of conversion goals, selection of urls,
demographic and graphics research, copy and testing.

Visit MLMTalentScout.com for short form sample.

Review of landing page with recommendations                          $1,000

Best for those with skilled in-house designers and copywriters.

Heavy Hitter Press Release Submission with Article

Positioning of “hitter” with three articles placed into online media.

Article content (1 page each) written around “hitters” core
competencies, company, team, etc. These will by keyword
optimized for the search engines.

One of our recent releases received over 50,000 hits.

Genealogy Targeting via Post Cards or Voice Broadcast            $5,000

Using Top-Tier Optimized Genealogy Leads.

We have a limited amount of top-tier leads in inventory.

Ideally for “heavy hitter” wanting to secure seasoned leadership.

Includes limited Value Engine definition for writing of copy.

Does not include postage or voice broadcast expenses. Leads will
be available at our cost.

Genealogy Call Scripting Aligned with Your Value Engine         $4,500

Working genealogy leads is one of the fastest ways to propel
growth. However, most training tapes are "dated" in their
approach and language.

You'll get quick catscan of your Value Engine so we can properly
articulate what you're bringing to the market.

Conference call with 5-7 distributors who are making 50+ dials
per day is need. Timeline - 1 week.

Scripting of USA Today Sizzle Call                                              $1,500

Includes limited work on Value Engine – Includes review of
current positioning, presentations, recruiting style, etc.

Prospects are calling multiple ads. Scripting will be designed
to position against this intense saturation of ads

Personal Development Perscription                                             $750

1/5 hour phone conversation regarding your Vision for your
networking career.

Written recommendations report (3-5 pages) on personal
development resources that will accelerate your Vision.

Will include specific recommendations on what you'll need to
do to better attract and sponsor Top Tier prospects.

One-on-One Phone Coaching (2 hours)                                      $750

Entails one hour of call monitoring and one hour of coaching.

Add $500 if written follow-up report is requested (5-8 pages)

Not available on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

MLM Lead Optimization

Click to go to OptimizedMLMLeads.com

Optimization of biz opp leads (Minimum quantity 1000)

Common Problems Most Networkers Experience                          FREE

This 22 point diagnostic will outline the top problems networkers
face today

Click here to access diagnostic

Note: We are not motivational speakers. We are MLM Trainers and MLM Consultants. A list of recommended "motivators" would be included in our as part of a Personal Development Prescription. We assume you’re "motivated" already. Our business is strategic and tactical only.

To request an exploratory discussion about our services, Please Contact Us.

PLEASE serious inquiries only. Thank you.

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